Load shedding driving you mad

Get Your Power Back

Very little can be more frustrating than unpredictable and unscheduled power outages that leave you completely powerless (pun intended :-)) with a loss in productivity and your lifestyle compromised. And the power goes out at the most in-oppertune time imaginable. Going "off-grid" is not a viable option (well, for most of us) so what is left is to be as prepared as possible for these power outages.

An Uninterruptable Power Supply -
a UPS battery backup power supply will do just that for you.

So what exactly is it and how will I benefit?

Which UPS is Right for me?

Here is a typical example of what a UPS can backup. This is figured out by what equipment (in watts consumption) will be included in the backup option and how long it will need to operate.

The 1st example shows the UPS can run 9 computers, 9 LED lamps and a wifi router for 10-20 minutes providing enough time to safely shut equipment down, thus protecting your equipment and data.

The 2nd example shows the UPS can run 4 computers, 4 LED lamps and a wifi router for 1-4 hours as an emergency operation until the power returns.

The essential difference:

Simple Configurations

A Simple, Straight Forward Decision

You now need to decide on what your needs will be when there is a power outage and how you want to handle it.

Which of these two situations applies to you?

Time to power down (and protect) your equipment safely = SHORT Run UPS

Continue operating the 'essentials' until the power returns = LONG Run UPS

Get The Right UPS Solution to Match Your Exact Needs

Don't be caught investing in the wrong UPS system for your exact needs. It is highly recommended that you talk with someone knowledgeable and with experience in the UPS industry. Make your investment really work for you and have the peace of mind that you have the perfect fit, that can organically grow with your expansion plans too.

Our UPS products range from 650 VA through to 1MV.

So regardless of your power backup requirements, we have the very UPS to meet your exact needs;
We also provide service, parts and repairs to meet them.

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We've Made it Our Business to Keep You Powered Up

Our range of products have been beating power outages and load shedding issues in southern Africa with high-quality UPS Solutions for every requirement, backed by years of experience, expertise and confidence.

Since 2003 we have been servicing the ever-growing demand for clean emergency power. Since serious load shedding began in 2008, we have developed a comprehensive range of extended battery time UPS units, focusing on rapid recharge time and high reliability. Our spare parts holding is second to none, with a guarantee on the professional ranges to carry spares for 10 years after the discontinuation of any product line.

All products are manufactured to the following standards:

CE specifications

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