UPS Repairs & Services

Ensuring that your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is functioning optimally at all times is an important part of the backup strategy you need to have in place. We repair and service UPS devices, carry a large UPS battery stock and can certainly assist you in maintaining your backup power insurance is intact.

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Repairing & Servicing of Your UPS

UPS Repairs & Services

Because your UPS lies dormant for long periods of time, aside from smoothing out electrical currents when necessary, it’s critical that you get your device checked and serviced on a regular basis. When the power outage occurs, it’s essential that your UPS be able to function flawlessly, because that’s when you need it most.

If your UPS fails to function as it needs to in a power outage, you could end up having to deal with data corruption or malfunctioning machinery.

With proper servicing, maintenance and regular upkeep, your UPS could last for up to ten or twenty years. The life span of your chosen UPS depends on the size, type and environmental conditions of your unit.

Once your UPS has been installed in your office or home, you should have it tested it on a regular basis, to ensure that it’s in good working condition.

Battery Care

The heart and soul of your UPS is its battery and keeping the battery in good condition is the key to correct operation and longevity of your unit.

  • The battery on an UPS has a general life cycle of three to six years. Always keep a note of where your UPS battery is in its life cycle, as this will let you to know when it needs replacing.
  • By keeping a record of your UPS battery functionality, you’ll also be able to pick up when and if a battery is not functioning to its full potential.
  • A qualified service provider will undertake the task of replacing the battery for your UPS.
  • Similarly, disposal of an old battery is not a normal task, and your service provider will be able to take care of this for you. UPS cannot be disposed of in the usual fashion, as they contain toxic metals and acids.


UPS Battery Care - at work for you

Service checks and professional maintenance should be undertaken on your UPS on a regular basis. Whether these service checks occur on a quarterly, six months or annual basis, is dependent on the type and age of your chosen Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) device. The age of the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery also comes into play here, and must be considered when scheduling service checks and maintenance appointments.

On-site Evaluations

Tescom UPS is able to assist customers with enquiries that require on-site inspection, analysis and evaluation. Full technical reports and recommendations are provided.

Warranty and Services

All Tescom UPS products are supplied with comprehensive warranties, ranging from 1 to 2 years.

Services under warranty are conducted within 24 hours on small UPS units. On larger systems on-site warranty is provided. A 24-hour, 365 days a year service facility is also available for mission critical equipment.

Tescom UPS also offers Service Level Agreements. These are customisable to the client’s requirements and charged on an annual or quarterly basis.

Operating Philosophy

UPS Service & Repairs - at work for you

Tescom UPS differentiates itself by providing innovative emergency power and maintenance solutions, all tailored to meet the individual needs of customers no matter how simple, complex or critical.

The operating philosophy of Tescom UPS is: excellence in products, service and support, provided by highly skilled and experienced staff. We do not compromise on quality nor service. Its that simple.

Tescom UPS solutions include a range of appropriate software products and technical back-up support services, with over 60 years combined experience and expertise in the power management sector.

Tescom UPS also recognises the fact that it is necessary to support their customers with mostly ex-stock deliveries. While it is not always possible to satisfy every requirement the company does hold approximately double the industry average stock holding.

As product leaders, Tescom UPS has products to cater for every conceivable power supply need.


Tescom UPS conducts national sales and marketing activities from our head office located in Longmeadow Business Estate. Through our branches and dealer network we are able to offer supply, service and support in most of the main centres. This dealer network also extends to many sub-Saharan African countries.

Backing up the Back up

Maintenance and repairs of your UPS are usually done on-site. Where an off-site repair needs to take place, a replacement or loan unit can be arranged.

All our products are supplied with comprehensive warranties, up to two years. Services under warranty are conducted within 24 hours on small UPS units. With larger systems, an on-site warranty can be provided. Our team is can also provide a 24 hour service for mission critical equipment.

We’re also able to provide you with Service Level Agreements, which cater for all your maintenance and repair needs. These fully customizable agreements are tailored to your requirements, and can be charged on an annual or quarterly basis.

With a regular maintenance, and a keen eye on the functionality of UPS, your device should be able to keep your lights on for many years to come.

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